Exit strategies for medical devices


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You’re a medical devices entrepreneur. Your emerging company is developing new technology that will revolutionize the status quo. What’s your exit strategy? As a medical devices entrepreneur you have to keep your eyes on multiple balls at once. Everything from … Continue reading

Can investors profit from medical devices M&A?


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A recent Reuters article indicates medical devices M&A activity is poised to take-off in 2013. This after activity has fallen to a near low since 2009.  Is there a way that investors can benefit from such mooted M&A activity? With … Continue reading

Is Pharma’s Perfect Storm Biotech’s Greatest Opportunity?


Many folks within pharma lament the current challenges and look back to a gilded era when blockbusters provided rivers of cash flow and supported growth based activities – both R&D and marketing. And yet, could this present biotech’s greatest opportunity … Continue reading

SuperGen Acquires Astex: The Biotech Funding Relay Race


Last week witnessed an interesting M&A deal between SuperGen and Astex. Here, we look at investor returns and wonder what could be in store for the enlarged company? Supergen (SUPG) is a NASDAQ listed biotech with a market cap of … Continue reading

The Biotech Life Cycle – Seattle Revisited


BMS is currently in discussions to buy Zymogenetics, from Seattle. While some will mourn at the loss of another regional leader, we see things a different way. A recent article from the Seattle Times highlights why recycling is so important … Continue reading