“I don’t look to jump over 7-foot bars: I look around for 1-foot bars that I can step over.” Warren Buffett

ZS8J9697Quick bio:

Raman is a medtech enthusiast. He works with entrepreneurial medtech companies providing support with partnering, financing and exit strategy. He has advised over $30 million of transactions. Previously an ER doctor and life sciences analyst. Blogs at “Medtech Value Investor”.

Longer bio:

Hi, I’m Raman Minhas and I write the Medtech Value Investor blog. It’s based on my experiences as an investor in medtech stocks using a value-based approach, and as someone who works with entrepreneurial medtech compaies. It is written for:

  • Investors who seek to understand a risk-reduced approach to participating in the growth of the healthcare sector. Opportunities include advances in medical technology and demand from ageing societies; risks include competitive, regulatory, clinical, technical and development.
  • Entrepreneurs of development stage medtech companies who are keen to understand big medtech companies that could become partners in their ventures (through license, partnering, corporate VC or acquisition).

I also work with entrepreneurial medtech companies, providing support with partnering, licensing, financings and strategy (through ATPBio). I’ve personally advised on over $30 million of transactions (actual money in), including VC financings – see What Every Medtech Entrepreneur Should Know About VCs. Getting to know investors over time also helps figure out what they like, see Medtech entrepreneurs: What do investors want?

In a past life, I was an Accident & Emergency (A&E in UK; ER in US) doctor in NHS University Hospitals in Nottingham and Manchester. I also spent a fascinating year in A&E on the Isle of Man, including support for the world famous TT Races.

Why am I an investor and an advisor to medtechs? Well, aside from finding the whole area fascinating, researching medtech companies as an investor makes me more useful to development stage medtechs. You build up an understanding of what drives big medtech partnering and acquisition strategy, see 6 Lessons for Medtech Entrepreneurs from Covidien’s Recent Acquisitions. You also spend a good deal of time thinking about exit valuations, see Can investors profit from medical devices M&A? And a good deal of time thinking about Exit strategies for medical devices. Working with successful entrepreneurs also provides useful insights I can share with other entrepreneurs and investors: The myth of the big score.

And working with development stage medtechs helps me as an investor since it keeps me closely connected to what’s happening “out there” in the real world, see 15 Lessons from a Medtech Entrepreneur, 8 Insights from Medtech Entrepreneurs, and The 2 most important things for medtech entrepreneurs.

For a description of my investing approach, you can read Lessons from Medtech? , Medtech Value Investor’s Magic Number, and Improving Investor Returns: 3 Benefits of Watchlists. I discuss value investing in more detail at kaizen investor.

I live in a small market town in Leics., UK and in free time, enjoy spending time with family, friends, walking and tai chi.