Change your surroundings; change your results

Earlier this week I happened upon an inspiring TED talk from Scott Dinsmore. Scott is the founder and entrepreneur behind Live Your Legend. Mainly as a hat-tip to Scott, I’m posting this video since I’ve read a bunch of his posts, and been directed to several other really interesting, thought-provoking ones (particularly Zen Habits and The Art of Non-Conformity).

Many of the lessons and ideas explored are relevant to all entrepreneurs, including those of us in the medtech world. But the main lesson to highlight from this video is the following:

Change your surroundings and you can change your thinking. Change your thinking and you can change your results.

By spending more time around people who are where you want to be, people who have some empathy for your particular journey, the sooner and more likely you’ll get there. And hopefully, the more fun you’ll have along the way too.

By Raman Minhas


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