Creative Financing – in a brave new world

This month we were invited to participate on a panel at UK Trade and Investment (UK TI) in Boston looking at issues affecting life sciences companies across both sides of the Atlantic. Several of the interesting presentations focused on experiences of companies in the US and UK, each carrying out some form of corporate or R&D activity in the reciprocal location, to try and gain local advantages.

ATPBio presented, alongside Canaccord Adams, thoughts on Creative Financing – a subject of extremely high relevance in the new economic climate to life science companies everywhere. One of the key issues to come out of the presentation and ensuing discussion, was the importance of running parallel tracks of multiple financing avenues, both conventional and creative; you don’t know what will work until it does.

Other issues covered included: investors wanting to take more of a step-wise approach, with validation points in between; the requirement for focus and defining value-drivers; and the importance of driving forward quality assets and quality operating teams (more timely than ever). Also covered were a range of potential creative financing alternatives companies can take, with case studies of several.

Here is the presentation as is from October 7th. Please get in touch with any questions.

Download Boston Oct7 ATPBio 10-07-09



This post was written by Raman Minhas. He is CEO of ATPBio, a consultancy firm providing strategic insight and transaction support to the life sciences industry. Thanks to David Schechner, Managing Director of Canaccord Adams in Boston, with whom we co-presented. And thanks to UK TI for the invitation to speak, and K&L Gates for hosting the event.This session was part of a broader set of events running over 3 days to help foster more collaboration between innovative and entrepreneurial life sciences clusters in the UK (the UK Golden Triangle Partnership, incorporating the bio-clusters of Cambridge, Oxford and London) and Boston and Massachusetts (MassBIO).




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